Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive Discounts

How to Redeem

Step 1: Verify your eligibility above, if you haven't already.
Step 2: Receive a unique discount code to Pasteur Pharmacy .

More Information
This military, first responders, medical workers, students, and teachers discount program is valid in the U.S. only. Discount codes are subject to ID verification at our sole discretion. Discount codes may not be combined with other discount codes from this program or other Pasteur discounts or promotions or applied retroactively. Each discount code will be limited to one use per month. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this discount program at any time and without notice, including limiting the number of discount codes per customer or the eligible products. Shipping and taxes may apply.

- The following brands are excluded from this Sale: Phoenix Shaving and Col. Ichabod Conk.

Terms & Conditions

Discount codes cannot be combined. Codes are unique and valid for one purchase only. For future purchases, you will need a fresh code from VerifyPass. Limit 1 per customer per month. Sharing your discount code is not permitted. Do not retrieve a discount code unless you intend to use it immediately. Sharing or harvesting codes will result in a permanent ban from VerifyPass.